[ RadSafe ] World's Biggest Wind Park -Capacity Factor vs. Nuclear

Bob Hearn rah at america.net
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When will you ever stop milking this story from the little newspaper article
on the APT bulletin board?

Kidding aside, a repeat posting here may well be enjoyed by radsafers
subscribed in the last decade or so... ;>)

Best regards,

Bob Hearn

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> RE: Lies, damned lies, and statistics
> Hello all,
> A modern 1 MW wind turbine typically has a blade diameter of 62 meters or
> greater and turns up to 23 rpm. Thus these 3 bladed 1 MW wind generators
> have a tip velocity of about 245 feet/second, a much higher tip speed than
> the older 1970s vintage wind turbines.  Smaller turbines  had higher rpm
> much lower blade velocity along the outer blade elements vs. today's 1 MW
> larger turbines.  In part,  the high tip speed of modern wind turbines is
> what led me to author a satire about the serious hazard of a "Loss of
> Accident" [LOBA] in wind power generation back in 1981. This satire was
> based on an actual LOBA at a windmill in California when the President of
> the company which supplied a turbine to a windfarm was inspecting the
> and fell to his death when the windmill threw a blade.
> The main point is that  modern large wind turbines have proven very
> to birds and especially raptors and migrating birds,  which are totally
> fooled by the 203 foot diameter blades with their extremely high tip
> velocity, which is almost 25% the speed of sound.
> Comparing what is claimed by Mr. Salsman about what house cats may or may
> not do in an urban setting to starlings and grackles vs.the  large numbers
> of raptors and migrating birds killed near wind farms covering huge areas
> a completly inappropriate and meaningless comparison.
> Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
> Air Pollution Control
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> > Otto Raabe wrote:
> >
> >> Wind farms are dangerous to birds, they can kill flocks of birds.
> >
> > That was also true in the 1970s, when the fast 25 kW turbines killed
> > many raptors.  The new multi-megawatt turbines spin much more slowly,
> > and kill fewer birds per acre of wind farm usage than house cats over
> > the same suburban area.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > James Salsman
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