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Braking embargoed news, DuDU News wire, Glorioski Tx 12Apr60

In 4.6824 days, the MABUP will present their opening statements against 
the Chinese 3rd Dynasty in the Hague World Court someplace in the lower 
Low Countries. They are seeking compensation for alleged ills suffered 
over the past thirteen centuries. MABUP (Mothers Against Blown Up [and 
irradiated] People) is seeking class action compensation for their 
forebears and offspring for the damages from insufficient shielding from 
gunpowder. Special damages are being sought from the nation which later 
introduced smokeless powder because of its peculiar stealth 
characteristics. Final identification of the smokeless powder offender 
is pending. The health effects of depleted gunpowder as well as lead 
toxicity and navels are being contemplated.

In addition, 666 personal  Chernobyl witnesses plan to testify to the 
41,257 workers who have or are expected to  perish from uncompensated 
cancer. This has led to the unplugging of Salem so that they might 
return to the care and feeding of witches and warlocks.
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James Salsman wrote:


Rep. Probes Nuclear Compensation Program

by NANCY ZUCKERBROD, Associated Press Writer
Sat Apr 8, 12:37 PM ET

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