AW: AW: [ RadSafe ] FW: [UnplugSalem] Fw: Chernobyl 20 year later

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Thu Apr 13 10:12:15 CDT 2006

Why can't both of you take your childish dispute elsewhere! 

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This message confirms again that my comments were right at point. To put your behaviour right at point I forward the following text to RADSAFE: 

I hope you had a nice time a year ago during your visit to Vienna on your trip to Bratislava and on your walking tour to Schwarzenbergplatz etc.
pictured on your website, which obviously prevented you to call me. I had cancelled a three weeks trip to Egypt in order to be able to meet you, as you proposed it firmly. You did not even bother to call me during this week, only after several weeks I received a kind of "Sorry, I had no time....."
You therefore are the most distainable person I met at RADSAFE. I will distribute this fact to anybody who wants to know it, especially to your company. 
My comments (not attacks) on your professional career are still valid.
Obviously you still do not understand?????


Franz Schoenhofer
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> Von: Sandy Perle [mailto:sandyfl at]
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 12. April 2006 21:42
> An: Franz Schönhofer
> Betreff: Re: AW: AW: [ RadSafe ] FW: [UnplugSalem] Fw: Chernobyl 20 
> year later
> On 12 Apr 2006 at 21:13, Franz Schönhofer wrote:
> > mild criticism, not to talk about a harsh one. He does not mind to 
> > attack others who have a different opinion, but twists when it comes
> to
> > attacks on his queer opinions.
> Franz,
> For one, if you consider your attack on me as mild, I wonder what you 
> would consider significant. OTOH, I have not attacked anyone in my 
> mailings. I have questioned the comments, which is what I have asked 
> others to do. You on the other hand have attacked me professionally as 
> well as personally, also threatening me, without provocation.
> I don't consider this to be appropriate and is beneath your 
> professionally for doing so.
> Sandy

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