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It should be made clear that Moussaoui wants to die a
martyr.  He will say anything he can to ensure that he
will be put to death.  The ultimate punishment would
be to give him life imprisonment, like Sirhan Sirhan
or Charles Manson.

As for living in a different world, I suggest you
consider the evil doers of the past: Hitler, Attila
the Hun, the Rape of Nan-king, etc.  Have the world
changed?  Or just how efficiently we can kill each

--- Sandy Perle <sandyfl at> wrote:

> On 14 Apr 2006 at 12:22, howard long wrote:
> > We do have much to fear from that insanity, as
> from other suicide
> > bombers.
> The truth is that in this day and age, anything is
> possible. 
> Just a few excerpts from the Zacarias Moussaoui
> trial transcripts 
> yesterday:
> =======
> Zacarias Moussaoui took the stand for the second
> time in his 
> sentencing trial and told the jury of the delight he
> had felt in 
> hearing witnesses testify of their pain and grief
> from losing loved 
> ones in the September 11 attacks.
> "It make my day," Moussaoui said several times when
> asked about one 
> witness or another.
> He ridiculed the tearful testimony of several family
> members who told 
> the jury how profoundly the attacks had affected
> their lives. "I find 
> it disgusting that some people will come here to
> share their grief," 
> he said on Thursday. Americans should know, he said,
> that grief is 
> precisely what he and fellow fighters in al-Qaeda
> want to achieve. 
> "We want to inflict pain on your country," he said.
> Asked by the prosecution about a witness who had
> crawled to safety 
> from a Pentagon corridor demolished on September 11,
> Moussaoui 
> replied: "I was sorry that he survived."
> Robert Spencer, the chief prosecutor, asked
> Moussaoui whether he 
> would try to kill Americans, even in prison, if he
> was allowed to 
> live.
> "Any time, anywhere," he replied.
> Of flying planes into buildings occupied by American
> civilians, Mr 
> Spencer said, "You'd do it again tomorrow, wouldn't
> you?" "Today," 
> the witness responded.
> =====
> We live in a duifeerent world today. One only need
> to look at the 
> world and observe all of the senseless, tortuous
> killing taking 
> place, without remorse and outwardly displayed glee
> after each mass 
> killing.
> Do we really want anyone with these stated claims
> and plans to really 
> have mass destruction capabilities?

"A scientist's aim in a discussion with his colleagues is not to persuade, but to clarify." 
Leo Szilard
-- John
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