[ RadSafe ] Re: IEER Memorandum on Tritium

Cehn at aol.com Cehn at aol.com
Wed Apr 19 15:35:18 CDT 2006

The so-called environmental groups like to use IEER; they're considered  
sympathetic to their causes.  It's called consultant shopping.
Joel I. Cehn
_joelc at alum.wpi.edu_ (mailto:joelc at alum.wpi.edu) 
Where does EPA define safe as  "zero known risk"?  The phrase "zero known 
risk" on Google turns up only  three links, one of which is Arjun Makhijani on 
IEER "quoting" EPA, and the  others are in a totally different context. None of 
them is EPA.

I wonder  how PBS chose Arjun Makhijani as their scientific authority. The  
"<http://www.ieer.org/index.html>Institute for Energy and Environmental  
Research" web site shows no indication that they do research, either energy or  

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