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Sandy Perle sandyfl at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 21 11:59:31 CDT 2006

On 21 Apr 2006 at 9:48, John Jacobus wrote:

> I take a broader definition of ALARA and do not have
> the perspective you have with commerial nuclear power.
>  Afterall, I would at a biomedical research facility,
> have worked with the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program,
> and medical facilities.

I will be in two of the facilities next week, and understand their 
differecne as compared to the NPPs I've been involved with.

> The underlying goal in these and many industries is
> worker protection.  The difference is that in the
> nuclear industries is that you can measure "risk" in
> mrem.  Therefore, you can quantify what you do.  In
> medicine, we can also measure risk from radiation
> exposure to the patient and staff.  However, the
> measured output is not kW/hr, but medical treatment. 
> We certainly spend on radiation protection equipment,
> e.g., leaded aprons, survey meters, etc.  But we also
> spend on disposable gowns, gloves, pathological
> wastes, etc.

I agree. My only point was if ALARA is mis-used, which I do believe, 
then the cost savings can be applied to where actually needed, and 
the result is better worker protection.

> In hospitals, you have to deal with operating costs and profits. 

In that sense, we were the same. The need to reduce operating and 
maintenance costs was essential in order to realize the maximum 
profit allowed by the rate regulatory agencies.

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