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Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
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I still don't see why you as a retired nuclear worker are siding with the scientific know nothings.  You have a legislative report with a flat out lie in it.  Does that not concern you?  Do you want legislation in this area dominated by people with a warped agenda who butcher the scientific facts?  There is more than adequate research to show that no one has been harmed by depleted uranium beyond the wounds created when individual soldiers were hit by DU fragments.  None of those soldiers with DU in their bodies has developed cancer or fathered children with birth defects.  The whole anti-DU crusade is a myth which has only gained steam because it has appealed to scientific know-nothing peace activists and because people believe that if Abu Ghraib happened that the US could in fact sow Iraq and Afghanistan with radioactive materials as part of its war strategy.  This is pure nonsense and you know it.  You know that use of DU is not a form of genocide.  You know that the cannon cocker on the tank who fired the DU round at an Iraqi tank did not commit a war crime.  You know that there is no international treaty banning the use of DU, that DU is not a weapon of mass destruction, and that it is not considered a chemical weapon.


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So Roger, with this vast wealth of information that has been developed 
over several generations of people, you are prepared to explain in 
layman's terms exactly why any one of those exposed absolutely will not 
and can not be harmed by their particular exposure to depleted uranium?

Roger Helbig wrote:
> You also may comment to Senator Franklin from http://apps.leg.wa.gov/memberemail/MailForm.aspx?Chamber=S&District=29
> Thanks to Al Conklin who advised me that the Bill had not passed .. I then went to the Washington Legislature Bill site and found that it had not apparently even been voted on by the full Senate or the full House of Representatives and had only been voted out of the Committees.

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