[ RadSafe ] guidelines for new radwaste storage

Peg and Al Rosenfield alanpeg at alum.mit.edu
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Ohio has established such rules. Go to the Radiation Advisory Council web 
site; http://www.odh.ohio.gov/ODHPrograms/rp/RADPROT/radprul1.aspx and click 
on 3701:1-38 and 3701:1-54. Various chapters in these rules cover your 
situation. Of, course, you would only have to folow them exactly if you were 
in Ohio.

Al and Peg Rosenfield
Columbus Ohio

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The Catholic University will start constructing a new radioactive waste
holding area and demolish the current one in order to make more space
for new student housing.  Are there any regulatory guidelines for such
project?  I am aware that for nuclear power plant is more complex and
stringent.  Also, there are rumors that Barnwell will close in 2008?  I
guess more space will be needed for long term storage in case Barnwell
facility closes.  Thanks.

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