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The original issue was the anti-nuclear agenda of agitators who coopted the veterans to make their point .. had they paid any attention to what the Army, for example, is already doing to assure its veterans that DU will be carefully monitored and that they will receive treatment, the bills would never have even been introduced.  That became real clear when I was trying to track down Asaf Durakovic http://www.afrri.usuhs.mil/www/outreach/mmoresources.htm#DU - especially Medical Management of Army Personnel Exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU)http://www.afrri.usuhs.mil/www/outreach/pdf/doa_policy_05-003.pdf .   

In doing that tracking, it also became clear the origin of a lot of the anti-DU propaganda, and the so-called Memo to General Groves in 1943 is just that, pure propaganda, now even known to have been fabricated from 3 or 4 different separate documents which still had nothing to do with DU, originated with Serbian Nationalists who were angry at NATO for intervening in Bosnia and Kosovo.  See for example www.antic.org .  

I got in this mess, not because I love DU and certainly not because I love Bush, but because I detest someone accusing our servicemen and women of committing non-existent war crimes.  Then I got smeared all over the net last April by Rokke through Bob Nichols, so-called "award winning journalist" who never wrote for a newspaper, or was a TV or radio correspondent and even has exaggerated his connection with the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant in Oklahoma where he briefly worked less than 3 months and has falsely claimed that this plant not only manufactures bombs using DU (which it does not) but also has concealed the truth from sick workers who have inhaled DU, which is not used in any of its bomb manufacturing processes.  DU would not be an issue if it were not for the combination of Serbian Nationalists, anti-nuclear anything activists, and Saddam Hussein's propaganda machine, all feeding the current anti-war movement which has not got the sense to stick to the facts and leave the fiction to novelists.

Roger Helbig

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The original issue was a difference of opinion on whether or not 
returning veterans in Washington State should receive medical treatment 
and monitoring due to potential or actual exposure to depleted uranium.  
In order to treat them as you state they must be looked for, first.  I 
am not a medical person but would expect the treatment to be consistent 
with the diagnosis.

Mercado, Don wrote:
>  The Wilsons wrote,
> "I do not suggest that there is any particular thing that should be 
> looked for.  There are a range of things that could be looked for, for 
> instance wounds that heal slowly, localized trauma from the presence of 
> depleted uranium, symptoms of poisoning due to the toxic affects, or any
> number of other things.  The affects would obviously differ depending on
> the type of intake  (e.g. aerosol, fragments, contaminates from
> oxidation)."
> I'm sure all these things, which are easy see and to diagnose, are
> looked for and given appropriate treatment. But as has been asked, if
> they are asymptomatic, what treatment would you give them?

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