[ RadSafe ] Re: URL?

Muckerheide, Jim (CDA) Jim.Muckerheide at state.ma.us
Wed Aug 2 10:42:22 CDT 2006

Thanks Maury,

My adjunct appointment at WPI has not been extended because the students
who matriculated with the last catalog that included the nuclear science
and technology courses that I had been teaching is completed.  My
current email addresses are this one, and the two @comcast.net cc:s

The web site server has been moved from WPI and can now be accessed at

There are still some errors in the links within the database access to
the science and articles literature which have to be fixed by
programming revisions in the database application, but could not get
done before August by the programmer.

Let me know if and when you find other errors that need to be fixed.

We will also be moving the rad-sci-l at wpi.edu mailing list to a mailing
list group at:
Rad_Sci_Health at yahoogroups.com.  You can subscribe to that at any time.
You will have to create a Yahoo account.  Those who are proactively
involved in documenting and applying the fact that the scientific data
demonstrate non-linear radiation dose and dose-rate responses, or want
to receive scientific data for information and review, can subscribe by
email at:
Rad_Sci_Health-subscribe at yahoogroups.com 

Or get to the web site at:

Regards, Jim 

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> Best,
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> reschenter wrote:
> > Mike the last email address I had for Jim
> > was jmuckerheide at cnts.wpl.edu
> > but it bounced today. What about rad-swci-l at wpl.edu?
> > Perhaps Marc can help.
> > BobS
> > On Aug 1, 2006, at 11:48 PM, Mike Fox wrote:
> >
> >     What is the current URL for the rad-sci website?  Is 
> there a good
> >     e:mail address for Jim Muckerheide?
> >     Mike Fox
> >
> >
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