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Fri Aug 4 06:42:16 CDT 2006

I received from an other listserv these interesting ideas on the citation process: 
*Read before you cite!*

We report a method of estimating what percentage of people who cited a 
paper had actually read it. The method is based on a stochastic modeling 
of the citation process that explains empirical studies of misprint 
distributions in citations (which we show follows a Zipf law). Our 
estimate is _/only about 20% of citers read the original./_


*Copied citations create renowned papers?*

Recently we discovered that the majority of scientific citations are 
copied from the lists of references used in other papers. Here we show 
that a model,
in which a scientist picks three random papers, cites them, and also 
copies a quarter of their references accounts quantitatively for 
empirically observed citation distribution. Simple mathematical 
probability, not genius, can explain why some papers are cited a lot more 
than the other.


/"Of course, in some spiritual sense, great scientists do exist. It is 
just that even if they would not exist, citation data would look the 
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