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Because the average attention span of a member of the
public is about 5 minutes.

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> Patients Receiving Treatment With Radioisotopes May
> Trigger Security
> Alarms
> Patients receiving treatment with radioisotopes
> should be warned that
> they may trigger radiation alarms, say doctors in
> this week's BMJ.
> Full text of article at
> Why is this news?
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>From an article about physicians doing clinical studies: 

"It was just before an early morning meeting, and I was really trying to get to the bagels, but I couldn't help overhearing a conversation between one of my statistical colleagues and a surgeon.

Statistician: "Oh, so you have already calculated the P value?"

Surgeon: "Yes, I used multinomial logistic regression."

Statistician: "Really? How did you come up with that?"

Surgeon: "Well, I tried each analysis on the SPSS drop-down menus, and that was the one that gave the smallest P value"."

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