[ RadSafe ] ICRP Pub 71

JGinniver at aol.com JGinniver at aol.com
Tue Aug 8 17:25:30 CDT 2006

having looked at all the obvious places (Alibris.com, Amazon.com and done a  
search using a the best online second hand book search facility I know of - 
_http://www.usedbooksearch.co.uk/_ (http://www.usedbooksearch.co.uk/)  that  
covers all the major book retailers) there doesn't appear to be a decent new or  
second hand copy around.  Must be a popular read :-)
However the official publisher for the annals of the ICRP is Elsevier,  and 
they list all of the publications here: 
I did try a quick check to see if they had a price and delivery for the US,  
but that part of their web site seems to be temporarily unavailable.  I can  
only suggest you use the link above and try again, if its still not working to  
use a link on the site to contact Elseviere to ask them how you can obtain a  
I hope this helps, Julian

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