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Branko Peterman described noble gases in

B.F. Peterman and C.J. Perkins
Dynamics of Radioactive Chemically Inert Gases in the Human Body
Radiat Prot Dosimetry, Jan 1988; 22: 5 - 12.

I haven't looked at this for years but there should be useful references

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>Is it possible to capture krypton-85 gas using activated carbon or other
>filtration methods?
Small limited quantities of the inert gas radon can be collected with an
activated charcoal filter by physical adsorption, so I expect the same
would be true for the inert gas krypton. However, one would expect that
this process would not be effective for large quantities of krypton. You
could do some experiments to measure the saturation level. The collected
krypton can be measured by external measurement of the filter before and
after heating it to release the adsorbed gases..


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