[ RadSafe ] 20 uCi Radium Check Sources

Don Jordan DonJordan at ramservicesinc.com
Fri Aug 18 11:20:47 CDT 2006

Hi Syd,

Radon from a leaking source becomes a problem if the source is kept in a
closed storage location such as a cabinet.  Without air circulation, the
radon daughters, which include a 22 year lead isotope, will plate out onto
the interior surfaces and will become increasingly contaminated over time.

Since this source is not exempt from leak testing, you should have ample
advance notice.  We have analyzed about 750 leak test samples for 20 uCi
radium sources for our well-logging clients, and have never detected
significant leakage.  Three samples had counts of 100 - 200 dpm, which is
real activity.  Although just now - this very minute - we got a sample with
about 3200 dpm.

Disposal options are limited but feasible.  Barnwell will take 50 uCi of
Ra-226 in a package, so you could probably dispose of it there.  Richland,
WA. accepts radium in much larger quantities, so that is probably where it
would end up.

Disposal is expensive, but I do not think it will cost "many thousands",
although we'll be glad to charge you that if you need to dispose of large
quantities of cash at the same time!

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