[ RadSafe ] Wall Thickness of Transport Trailers

Mccormick, Luke I luke.mccormick at dhs.gov
Wed Aug 23 09:56:06 CDT 2006

There really is no standard transport trailer/shipping container. I looked
into this for our non-intrusive imaging equipment and found the specs only
address size, stacking strength and lifting connections. Even within the
same Co. SeaLand containers varied by 10 mm on wall thickness. Add to that
the fact the most containers are corregated for stacking strength, and many
add sheet plywood to the inside walls. Some try to add coke for additional

ps over 8000 kg cocaine seized by the Coast Guard this week off of 2 boats.

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Subject:    [ RadSafe ] Wall Thickness of Transport Trailers
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Date:       8/23/2006 9:56 AM

       We are looking for reference values for the thickness of the
       walls and
       cab  of a "standard" transport trailer to use in shielding
       (e.g. X mm of iron or Al) (even if the shielding is not usually
       for many radionuclides).

       A reference/citation for the values would be appreciated.

       Leo M. Lowe, Ph.D., P.Phys.

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