[ RadSafe ] Buildup factor for compounds

Mccormick, Luke I luke.mccormick at dhs.gov
Thu Aug 24 06:29:50 CDT 2006

You can use the percent chemical makeup and the mu value for each chemical
at the energy you are expecting and that will get you in the ballpark. You
can also determine the density of the materials and use the mu value from a
density curve for the energy you are expecting. I personally do not have a
lot of faith in calculated shielding values. They are usually only order of
magnitude estimations.

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Subject:    [ RadSafe ] Buildup factor for compounds
Author:     radsafe-bounces at radlab.nl
Date:       8/23/2006 11:39 PM

       Hello Radsafers:

       Is there an established or preferred method for estimation the
       dose buildup factor for compounds or mixtures of shielding
       materials?  I am trying to come up with reasonable values for
       things such as barite loaded concrete or iron loaded concrete.

       Thanks in advance

       Kai Kaletsch
       Environmental Instruments Canada Inc.
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