[ RadSafe ] Buildup factor for compounds

Kai Kaletsch eic at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 30 22:27:32 CDT 2006

Hi John,

My question actually came about by looking at the peculiar results you get 
when using MicroShield. For example MicroShield's calculated value for the 
buildup factor of lead glass (treated as a compound of lead, oxygen...) is 
quite different from the stored values for lead glass. I could not find what 
their calculation is actually doing.

So, I am interested in: what is MicroShield doing when it calculates buildup 
factors for compounds and is there an accepted method for doing that.

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> Kai,
> Have you tried using the computer code MicroShield?
> It allows for the imput of custom material and will
> provide calcultions that include buildup.
>> Subject:    [ RadSafe ] Buildup factor for compounds
>> Author:     radsafe-bounces at radlab.nl
>> Date:       8/23/2006 11:39 PM
>>        Hello Radsafers:
>>        Is there an established or preferred method
>> for estimation the
>>        dose buildup factor for compounds or mixtures
>> of shielding
>>        materials?  I am trying to come up with
>> reasonable values for
>>        things such as barite loaded concrete or iron
>> loaded concrete.
>>        Thanks in advance
>>        Kai Kaletsch
>>        Environmental Instruments Canada Inc.
>>        http://www.eic.nu/
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