Messages that seem to came from Rainer (was: Re: [ RadSafe ] lethal amount of Po-210)

Marcel Schouwenburg m.schouwenburg at
Fri Dec 1 07:15:07 CST 2006

Dear RadSafers,

Yesterday (November 30) you have received about 10 or so messages from 
RadSafe that seemed to come / originate from Rainer. They contained two 
attachments and all had a timestamp (at least on my system) of 20:23 h. 
This was obviously not a normal situation. Up to now I'm not sure yet 
what caused this situation but I've managed to restore the situation to 
normal and the server is not sending out these messages again.

As far as I could determine the messages came from the listsoftware on 
the server and I don't think it was caused by something on 
Rainers side (so do not blame him please!). The attachments only contain 
the textbody of the messages that Rainer originally send at an earlier 
stage to RadSafe. Although the attachments only contain harmless text I 
advise you to delete these messages and not open the attachments (at 
least not on Windows systems). Messages coming from RadSafe should 
normally have no attachments, since they are not allowed, except for 

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

With kind regards,

Marcel Schouwenburg
Head / Lecturer Training Centre Delft / RadSafe moderator & listowner
National Centre for Radiation Protection (Dutch abbr. NCSV)

Faculty of Applied Sciences / Reactor Institute Delft
Delft University of Technology
Mekelweg 15
NL - 2629 JB  DELFT
The Netherlands
Phone +31 (0)15 27 86575
Fax     +31 (0)15 27 81717
email   m.schouwenburg at

J.Marshall Reber wrote:

> On my Mac the first attachment seems to be only a text copy of the  
> letter to Eric Goldin sent out at 10:27:08 AM EST;  whereas the  
> second seems to be a very short text of "AdmID: 
> 2DC9BB3DF2BF59D8EBBE7705C0783C57" ???
> On Nov 30, 2006, at 4:41 PM, Vernig, Peter G. wrote:
>> Group,
>> I have just received a message from Rainer and he is not  responsible 
>> for
>> the text less messages with attachments so I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU NOT
>> OPEN THE ATTACHMENTS.  If you have you may want to use some
>> antivirus/spyware software or notify your computer people.
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