[ RadSafe ] Depleted Uranium ~ Commercial Dross or Military Gold? (CCNR)

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Sat Dec 2 03:19:39 CST 2006

Depleted Uranium ~ Commercial Dross or Military Gold ?

Natural uranium is a blend of two types : U-235 and U-238.   
At a uranium enrichment plant, the concentration of U-235 
is increased by discarding some U-238.   The cast-off uranium (mainly U-238),
called ''depleted uranium'', has virtually no  commercial value.
But there are several important military  uses for depleted uranium :        
Containers of depleted uranium.
Photo by Robert Del Tredici   

when placed in a reactor, it breeds plutonium -- a powerful nuclear explosive;   
when incorporated into an H-bomb, it doubles the  explosive power of the weapon;   
when used to coat conventional bullets and  shells, it makes them armour-piercing;   
when used as a metallic alloy in tanks and other  vehicles, it provides armour-plating. 
Is DU, close to pure U-238 used in a breeder reactor to produce plutonium? 
(and if so, are there any currently operational breeder reactors?)
Is it incorporated in H-Bombs ..that seems a far stretch, especially the part about doubling the explosive power
It is not used to coat conventional bullets and shells; it is used as the armor penetrator, a rod of DU alloy
The armor plating also seems to be described rather simplistically

How do you eliminate misleading information like this from the net and counter it with accurate information?

 ccnr at web.net

>   Since March 27th 1996, there have been over 
> 100,000 outside visitors to the CCNR web site, plus
> (counter reset July 2nd 1998 at midnight)

100,000 visitors does not seem like a huge amount, but I bet that the number of visits become substantial now that the activists are circulating the site


Roger Helbig

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