[ RadSafe ] Exposure of the public to Poloinium 210

Dawson, Fred Mr Fred.Dawson199 at mod.uk
Fri Dec 8 01:24:53 CST 2006

The Guardian reports :-

"Fears that significant numbers of innocent bystanders may have been
poisoned followed the return of urine tests yesterday which showed that
all seven of the Pine Bar's staff had ingested the substance in
sufficient quantities to slightly increase their risk of contracting

"Concern that hundreds of members of the public may have been at risk of
radioactive poisoning during the killing of Alexander Litvinenko were
raised last night by the discovery that seven hotel workers have
consumed polonium-210. 
Health officials say they are anxious to test around 250 people who went
into the bar of the London hotel where the Russian ex-spy is thought to
have been exposed to a massive dose of the toxic isotope on November 1. 
The Health Protection Agency (HPA) also wants to track down and test
hundreds more guests who drank in the Pine Bar of the Millennium Hotel
on the days either side of the attack"


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