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Otto Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Wed Dec 13 10:34:35 CST 2006

At 06:04 AM 12/13/2006, Flanigan, Floyd wrote:
>When Litvinenko came to leave the Soviet Union, radiological monitoring
>was not exactly prolific in airports and ports of entry/egress. So let's
>say he had some items in his possession which were pretty severely
>contaminated with U-238. Being ex-KGB, this is not such a stretch.
"contaminated with U-238"?????  The specific activity of U-238 is too tiny 
for this statement to be meaningful!

"Po-210 in-growth"??????? It would take many thousands of years for 
significant in-growth of Po-210 in a sample of U-238, and the activity 
level would be no higher than that of the puny activity of U-238.


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