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There can not be a rational reason for this, because its a political 
issue.  So, any of the following reasons is equally valid (pick the 
one that affirms your Personal Truth):

Because corn is merely food for evil humanity, a blight upon the 
earth which is being phased out as quickly as possible, while wood is 
an essential part of the forests of Mother Earth.  As you know, the 
spirits will be angry if wood is used as a fuel for man!

Because farmers can be paid thru government programs to grow corn for 
fuel, but its harder to find victim groups to pay for using the wood.

Because making fuel out of wood smacks of regressing to pre-
industrial times, while making fuel out of corn makes people think 
"Alternative Energy Source", and is easier to work into a party 

Because the Kennedys, who currently dominate the Luminati, are 
secretly manipulating the price of corn as a step in their plan for 
world domination.

Because a large number of aliens, who look very much like trees, have 
recently begun to live among us and to control our activities thru 
psychic channels.  

Gary Isenhower, M.S.

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    With all the discussion of ethanol from corn as a fuel, why is 
no consideration of methanol which can be made from wood which is 
more easily grown (and more cheaply available).than corn? All that is 

needed to convert wood into methanol is heat which could be obtained 
from nuclear reactors -- no very high temperatures required.

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