[ RadSafe ] Airplanes, cosmic rays, DU, tritium and similar absurdities

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	No ... Tritium obviously does not contribute to the Gamma dose rates. It was interjected as a little known bit of information ...trivial really. 

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I am shocked by the recent contributions regarding this topic on RADSAFE. If
the anti-nuclears would be a little more clever and educated, they could
easily use this discussion to "prove", that the "experts" on RADSAFE have no
clue about radiation doses to airplane passengers, which could easily be
extended to other radiation protection topics. 


DU is (or has been) used as counterweights not only in sophisticated racing
boats, but in many commercial airplanes. In airplanes they have been used at
counterweights for instance in wings, but not as ballast as somebody wrote
on RADSAFE. "Everybody" on this highly professional list should know, that
gamma-ray activity from either natural uranium or even more from depleted
uranium is negligible, not to talk about alpha- and beta-radiation.
Therefore there is not the slightest chance to register any enhanced gamma
dose-rate from the counterweights in the cabin. The same is true for
whatever transport of whatever radionuclides. Interesting that tritium is
used at airplanes - would the sender please give some more information? I
really do hope that the sender does not refer this fact to enhanced gamma
dose-rates in the cabin?????????????????????? 


At least one RADSAFEr except me has absolutely correctly mentioned the
cosmic rays as the reason of enhanced readings in the cabin of aeroplanes,
giving the relevant links for calculating doses from air transport. I have
noticed this since decades on my air travels both within Europe and
transatlantic as well as transpacific. 


Best regards, not being afraid of negative comments....




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