SV: [ RadSafe ] Airplanes, cosmic rays, DU, tritium and similar absurdities

Olsson Mattias :MSO mso at
Tue Dec 19 04:12:26 CST 2006

"In airplanes they have been used at counterweights for instance in
wings, but not as ballast as somebody wrote on RADSAFE."

This I am aware of but I did use the wrong word. Sometimes that happens
since English is not my first language and the construction of aircraft
not my business. A thousand apologies for the shock. The DU was at least
THERE (in old enough aircraft and so on).

Also, what prompted me to write anything at all on this was that the
post that I read about elevated dose rates was about a plane standing on
the ground. OF COURSE the altitude will have an effect. Lots of posts,
though... May have missed some.

Mattias Olsson

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