[ RadSafe ] Take out your dose-meter

Muckerheide, Jim (CDA) Jim.Muckerheide at state.ma.us
Fri Dec 22 12:23:36 CST 2006

Friends, from Kiev:

	A stabilisation operation was carried out at the Chernobyl NPP
last Saturday. The roof of the "sarcophagus" was lifted and placed on a
new vertical metal pier, because the old concrete one deviated from the
vertical by 1.5 metres.


	Vladimir Kashtanov, deputy director of the "Shelter" (Ukrytiye)
facility, said that the reinforcement of the pier "was held without any
problems, in accordance with the plan, without any destruction."

	Despite the statements of the local officials, aimed at calming
down the population, many Kiev residents again took out their
dose-meters and began to measure the radiation level in the areas where
they live.

Wouldn't it good if people everywhere could just "take out their
dose-meters"?  And presumably had some idea of what they were reading?

Regards, Jim Muckerheide

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