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Hi radsafe colleagues  [and Ms. Classic]:

Regarding what tests for harm were performed on the infant who was scanned 
at the airport, I have a modest suggestion.

It would seem that the HPS Media Relations Program [note that this post has 
been directed to Kelly Classic, HPS Media Relations Program Committee 
member] should officially contact the reporter who wrote the original story. 
The HPS should formally ask the reporter to pursue a follow-up story and 
request from the hospital involved what evaluation [in general terms] they 
would generally perform in assessing that an infant who received such a 
small radiation exposure was not "injured" in any way.

By making the request a "hypothetical", the HPS or the reporter would not be 
asking the physician/hospital involved to disclose patient information or 
breach physician-patient confidentiality. If the hospital were willing to 
actually disclose what tests they performed in this specific case, so much 
the better.

If the hospital performed any kind of x-ray or CT scan it would document the 
height of absurdity being applied to radiation risk response, and the need 
for a meaningful evaluation of what hospitals do in various situations.

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> On 21 Dec 2006 at 17:29, Alan Stahler wrote:
>> What sort of damage/biomarkers would medical personnel
>> look for after a pass thru the scanner?
> Good question! Of course there would not have been a high exposure to
> radiation, but if there were, the most obvious indication would be
> skin irritation, such as would be the case from a fluoroscopic mis-
> administartion. Then there are the various syndromes, blood changes,
> gastrointestinal problems, etc. All of these syndromes are well
> defined and can be easily looked up on the net.
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