[ RadSafe ] baby in x-ray scanner

Sandy Perle sandyfl at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 26 11:57:59 CST 2006

Orhan provides some excellent references. While these are good 
references, these are generally not going to be viewed by a member of 
the public, until there is some major reason to do so, if even then. 
While the HPS does have a policy, and, an effective "ask the expert" 
question and answer section on their website (I have answered many 
questions in the past) this does not negate the need for someone from 
HPS, FDA, AAPM, to come out and make a statement when something like 
this incident occurs. An immediate call to the networks stating their 
credentials, and, the willingness to be interviewed to provide a 
technical discussion, is a good thing. Whether the networks or other 
media accept the offer, that is another story. What is needed is a 
rapid response from organizations when an incident occurs, and not 
simply relying on the fact that a person is going to do an internet 
research on a subject. The time to respond is when the incident 
occurs, and hopefully get as much press publicity as possible.

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