[ RadSafe ] Tritium limit in water

Marcel Schouwenburg m.schouwenburg at tudelft.nl
Sat Feb 11 15:47:59 CST 2006

Dear RadSafers,

If any of you can help Lih-Ching Chu with the question below please send
an e-mail to Chu at IEMA.STATE.IL.US

With kind regards,

Marcel Schouwenburg
RadSafe moderator & listowner

I am collecting data on the tritium regulatory limit in water.  The US
drinking water limit for tritium is 20,000 pCi/L (740 Bq/L). If you know
any tritium limit in (drinking, ground, surface or other environmental)
water for your or any country, state or local government which is
different than the US drinking water limit, please email me the name of
the regulatory agency and the value of its limit. Thanks for your
assistance in advance.

Lih-Ching Chu
Illinois Emergency Management Agency

chu at iema.state.il.us

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