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You may enjoy this NOVA program which will air tonight and repeated
later I am sure.

Armin Ansari

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Next on NOVA: "The Ghost Particle"


Broadcast: February 21, 2006 at 8 p.m. ET/PT (NOVA airs Tuesdays on PBS
at 8 p.m. Check your local listings as dates and times may vary.)

In this program, NOVA probes the secret ingredient of the cosmos:
swarms of invisible particles that fill every cubic inch of space and
just may explain how the universe was created. Trillions of ghostly
neutrinos move through our bodies every second without us noticing a
thing. Yet without them the sun wouldn't shine and the elements that
make up our world wouldn't exist. This program explores the 70-year
struggle so far to understand the most elusive of all elementary
particles, the neutrino. NOVA accompanies scientists into the
laboratory, revealing astonishing footage of bizarre experiments.

Here's what you'll find on the companion Web site:


     The Producer's Story
     Filmmaker David Sington shares seven rules for making good TV
     out of complex topics.

     Dancing With Neutrinos
     In this intimate interview, the late astrophysicist John Bahcall
     recalls what it felt like to be vindicated after four decades.


     Awesome Detectors
     In this slide show, see how bigger is definitely better when it
     comes to apprehending elusive neutrinos.

     Case of the Missing Particles
     Follow the history of daring proposals and meticulous
     experiments that led to a surprising breakthrough in physics.


     Subscribe to the NOVA podcast to download three audio pieces about
     neutrino science, and hear other stories on a wide range of
     fascinating science topics.

Also, Links & Books, the Teacher's Guide, the program transcript, and



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