[ RadSafe ] Can tritium produce bremsstrahlung?

Tom Harrison HarrisoT at adaf.admin.unt.edu
Thu Feb 23 15:13:02 CST 2006

John and Wes and all:  

Yes, all this is correct, but I wanted to point out the interesting
physics going on here. What I refer to is that for the H-3 on the
average low energy betas, you have a double wammy, in that the beta
spectrum intensity does indeed  peak in rhe energy range 2-4 kev, but
also, if you fold in the bremmstrahlung spectrum for
emitted(decelerated) electrons, it too is a strong inverse fuction of
energy since it depends on the impact parameter, a geometric affect. For
this reason, the X-rays from the endpoint energies have to be very
intense and/or the materials passed thru by the X-rays has to be
non-attentuating .......  interesting stuff .... physics wise ....  thus
the curie activities detected....

but then, nothing like observation to prove theory wrong !!

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