[ RadSafe ] Government has 'dirty bomb' cleanup guide

Jim Hardeman Jim_Hardeman at dnr.state.ga.us
Wed Jan 4 10:25:59 CST 2006

Rick et al.
Here's the link to the Federal Register notice.
Jim Hardeman
Jim_Hardeman at dnr.state.ga.us
URL = http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/fedreg/a060103c.html#Homeland%20Security%20Department

Scroll down to "Homeland Security". The PDF document is 5 MB
Z-RIN 1660-ZA02
Preparedness Directorate; Protective Action Guides for 
Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) and Improvised Nuclear Device (IND) 
AGENCY: Preparedness Directorate, Department of Homeland Security.
ACTION: Notice of draft guidance for interim use with request for 
SUMMARY: The Preparedness Directorate of the Department of Homeland 
Security (DHS) is issuing guidance entitled, ``Application of 
Protective Action Guides for Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD) and 
Improvised Nuclear Device (IND) Incidents'' for Federal agencies, and 
as appropriate, State and local governments, emergency responders, and 
the general public who may find it useful in planning and responding to 
an RDD or IND incident. The guidance recommends ``protective action 
guides'' (PAGs) to support decisions about actions that may need to be 
taken to protect the public when responding to or recovering from an 
RDD or IND incident. It also outlines a process to implement the 
recommendations and discusses operational guidelines that may be useful 
in the implementation of the PAGs. The full text of the document is 
included in this Notice. This guidance is provided for interim use and 
will be revised based on comments received. The Preparedness 
Directorate is seeking input on the appropriateness, implementability 
and completeness of the guidance.
DATES: The draft guidance contained in this notice is released for 
interim use effective January 3, 2006. Comments on this draft guidance 
should be received on or before March 6, 2006.

>>> "Strickert, Rick" <rstrickert at signaturescience.com> 1/4/2006 10:31:30 >>>
Is there a DHS link for these 'dirty bomb' cleanup guidelines?

Rick Strickert
Austin, TX

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