[ RadSafe ] NRC Licensing Fees - Administrative Error

Baratta, Edmond J edmond.baratta at fda.hhs.gov
Tue Jan 17 07:47:11 CST 2006

 We have been fortune that we always received our Licensing Fees on time.
This was true when I was responsible for the Fees of our other Labs.
However due to a split in our bill for water and Sewerage (yes,
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority charges for both) as we straddle a
town and city, we did not receive a water bill for many years only the
sewerage.  When they realized we hadn't paid we had (you the public) to
cough up the money for the bill.  When it comes to the government whether
City, State or Federal there is no excuse for not having paid.

Edmond J. Baratta
Radiation Safety Officer
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edmond.baratta at fda.gov

The above represents my opinion and not that of my Agency.

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Has anybody been the subject of the NRC's administrative error in the
billing history of licensees?

We have just received 12 years worth of licensing fees that were never
billed due to an "Administrative Error" within the NRC. 

Has anybody successfully appealed this NRC oversight or have any

Bill Rowan

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