[ RadSafe ] Old Source Companies

Brown, Philip O Philip.O.Brown at nasa.gov
Wed Jan 25 15:51:27 CST 2006

Good afternoon,


I need to ask your assistance in getting information about three source
companies.   We recently found some old sources and source sets
manufactured by Ortec, Nuclear Chicago, and Twin Cities Testing Corp.
I'm wondering if the companies were bought and if so by whom, or if they
just went out of business.   I found a couple of Ortec companies that
may be correct but have yet to receive a reply from them.   I have
nothing on the other two.

Also if anyone has any information on a "Beta Scope Accessories" kit by
Twin Cities Testing Corp, or the Nuclear Chicago source kits models SK-1
and FHK-1 I would appreciate it.  Not all of the sources list activities
and dates, and some do not even list isotope.   I'm trying to figure out
what I've got.

Thanks for your help.


Philip Brown, RSO



Philip.O.Brown at nasa.gov


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