[ RadSafe ] "Radiation drug Neumune politics" CBS, 90 Minutes

howard long hflong at pacbell.net
Sun Jan 29 22:21:21 CST 2006

Illusion - that any drug minimizing bleeding after radiation could save thousands of lives, "But only 100,000 doses were bought by US Agency when 10,000,000 are needed" - is tonight propaganzied by anti-administration CBS Ninety Minutes. 
  Atom bomb explosion in a USA city was stated as "-expected in my lifetime", by the 9/11 Commision chairman.  I agree. However, most of the deaths will come from blast and thermal burn and panic kill more than radiation effects, I believe.
  Knowledge is power, and any HP with an instrument, (or lay person with a Nukalert),
  will know where to put time, mass and distance between a source of 100 rem + and populace.
  Chernobyl experience should be publicized, not unrealistic expectation that any bureaucratic control of drug could mitigate the disaster. Speak up and write newspapers, radio and TV,  HPs! You likely will save many lives.
  Howard Long, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness member 

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