[ RadSafe ] Re: Pb's future as a shielding material

Dimiter Popoff didi at tgi-sci.com
Mon Jan 30 16:07:13 CST 2006

This RoHS nonsense is, I guess, what it lookls like.
They'll protect us now from the lead in solder compounds
(and thus probably kill the anyway crippled EU electronics industry),
then they'll protect us from the NPPs by closing them all,
and eventually the survivors of all that will be able to
pick a cave to settle in. Whether they will have to
rediscover fire - and whether the rediscoverer
of it will be rechained in Causcasus - remains
to be seen.
 Those responsible for all this disastrous nonsense will of course
claim ignorance and the public, being well trained to
perceive them so, will gladly believe it...

As to the usage of lead in lead castles,  my guess is
they have not bothered yet to think about it (no
real cash in that for the pack to go after).


Dimiter Popoff               Transgalactic Instruments


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>  From: Bob Westerdale <Bob.Westerdale at ametek.com>
>  Subject: [ RadSafe ] Pb's future as a shielding material
>  Sent: Jan 30 '06 23:09
>  Hi-
>  I've been plowing through the EU's upcoming RoHS ( Removal of Hazardous
>  Substances) Directive, looking to see whether they have considered
>  prohibiting the use of Pb as Radiation Shielding in Analytical X-Ray
>  systems.   This Directive is largely aimed at the Electronics Industry,
>  mandating the use of Pb-free solders and prohibiting the use of Hg,  Cd
>  and Cr-6 ( among others..)
>  There seems to be an exemption ( at least for the moment)  for  "
>  Monitoring and Control Instruments",  but finding some firm statement that
>  the use of Pb as radiation shielding is OK has been elusive.
>  Thanks in advance!
>  Bob Westerdale
>  RSO,  EDAX, Inc.
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