[ RadSafe ] USAToday: "Florida blast exposes 40 to limited radiation"

Strickert, Rick rstrickert at signaturescience.com
Tue Jan 31 08:41:25 CST 2006

USA Today has a news report with a picture at 

According to the news report: "One person who suffered cuts in the
explosion was taken to a hospital for treatment, and 15 others were
taken to hospitals as a precaution after complaining of being
lightheaded, nauseous, having high-blood pressure or other conditions."
The picture of some of the 30 exposed firefighters being checked for
radioactive contamination on their suits and boots from Kr-85 using a
Ludlum survey meter with a pancake probe is at 

Here's an MSDS for the Kr-85 spark gap tube 

More info on spark gap tubes is at

Rick Strickert
Austin, TX

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