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The 1st chapter of this book:
Uranium-Plutonium-Transplutonic Elements, Volume 36, New Series, of the
HeffterHeubner Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology. H. C. Hodge, J. N.
Stannard and J. B. Hursh, editors. New York-Heidelberg-Berlin,
Springer-Verlag.1973. 995 pages. ($153.40)
deals with the history of uranium biological effects, including it's use as
a homeopathic remedy to diabetes during the 19th century. The glucosuric
effect of uranium (due to kidney injury) was assumed to be the key evidence
to its therapeutic potential.
Dov Brickner     MD
Beer-Sheva   ISRAEL

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July 3

         Some of our anti-DU friends are claiming DU causes 
diabetes.  Consider this:  "In the early part of the twentieth century, 
uranium was used therapeutically as a treatment for diabetes, and persons 
so treated were administered relatively large amounts of uranium by mouth."

         The link is <http://hps.org/publicinformation/ate/q746.html> (the 
HPS Q and A section), and the answer is by Ron Kathren.  See the beginning 
of the third paragraph.

         More ----  at this link 
<http://globalresearch.ca/articles/MOR407A.html> Leuren Moret lists 
approximately 90 illnesses she claims are caused by DU, and an additional 
15 to 20 illnesses (each) that it causes specifically in children, women, 
and men.  It's a large table just under halfway down the page.

Steven Dapra
sjd at swcp.com

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