[ RadSafe ] News note: U.S. Senator backs halfway houses for nuclear waste

John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 12:00:19 CDT 2006

>From News in Brief at
Nature 442, 15 (6 July 2006)
Published online 5 July 2006

Senator backs halfway houses for nuclear waste

A powerful US senator has proposed building temporary
storage facilities for nuclear waste around the

Frustrated by delays to building a permanent waste
repository at Yucca Mountain in Nevada (see Nature
440, 987–989; 2006), Senator Pete Domenici
(Republican, New Mexico) is advocating temporary
"consolidation and preparation" facilities. The
proposal, which Domenici included in a Senate
appropriations bill last week, would instruct the
Department of Energy to draw up plans for the
facilities in states with nuclear power stations.
Nuclear waste is currently stored on site at the

Germany and Sweden already have such facilities.
"There are no technical barriers to interim storage,"
says Kevin Crowley, who directs the Nuclear and
Radiation Studies Board of the National Academy of
Sciences in Washington DC. But, he warns, building and
licensing facilities around the country will be "very expensive".

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