[ RadSafe ] Posting: Senate Report Language on Nuclear Energy

Jaro jaro-10kbq at sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 10 20:43:34 CDT 2006

From: John Jacobus

The Committee recommends $5,000,000 for the material
test station at Los Alamos to support materials and
fuel experiments using fast neutron spectrum systems.
Without the use of the Fast Flux Test Facility, the
United States has lost its domestic fast neutron
source needed to conduct actinide transmutation.

....how unfortunate that the US lost the FFTF !
....what could possibly have caused such an unfortunate turn of events ?
....when they build the replacement, I think it would be most appropriate
that it also be named FFTF. Maybe that way US tax payers will completely
miss the fact that they're paying DoE twice for the same thing :-)


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