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  Count BENEFITS from radiation, Iraqi Freedom and stem cell research with costs. 
  Nasal mucosa stem cell culture and spinal cord implantation in the same persons
  regrew neurons in patients presented to Congressional committee - without the expensive, dependency on cortisone, methotrexate and other immune suppressors required with embryonic stem cell implantation. Government funded medical projects soon exist mainly for self-perpetuation.  Radiation regulation also?
  Your PalmRad and NukAlert have not yet been needed in our nation's once-attacked capital - more likely than not because USA troops do NOT quit Iraq until stabilized.
  The $400B cost of preventive hot pursuit ("Host regimes are as guilty as those attacking the USA.") is one tenth of what the pre-emption likely prevented: 
  A-bomb flattening of Washington DC, anthrax depopulation of Silicon Valley, 
  sarin flooding a stadium with 50,000 spectators, etc. 
  The Seals' Admiral warned DDP in July '01 of these threats. Duelfer commission found detailed preparations for A-bombs when inspectors left.  Saddam's Secrets (Gen Sada), describes sarin smuggled to Syria Dec '02 as our troops built up. Dr Germ was preparing to give anthrax to Al Qaeda In Iraq. You have heard Zarqawi and others state intent to use WMD on us. You should have heard experts predict  disasters with more than 10 x the 9/11/01 deaths by now.
  My patients do not thank me for preventing cancer and heart attacks. It is hard to know for sure what would have happened without that adrenalin blocker, smoking cessation, etc. I am grateful for a government that also prevents, despite lack of appreciation.  
  Howard Long
John Jacobus <crispy_bird at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Dr. Raabe,
Is it that the predicted cancer deaths did not occur,
or that they were not observable beyond the normal
cancer incident rates? These are two ways at looking
at the results we can see.

Yes, I agree that we should have more money for stem
cell research. Personally, I think we should get out
of Iraq which would save about $1 Billion/day.

--- "Otto G. Raabe" wrote:

> At 03:47 AM 7/13/2006, Dawson, Fred Mr wrote:
> >On 26 April 1986, reactor number four at the
> Chernobyl Nuclear Power
> >Plant blew up. Forty-eight hours later the entire
> area was evacuated.
> >Over the following months there were stories of
> mass graves and dire
> >warnings of thousands of deaths from radiation
> exposure. Yet in a BBC 
> >Horizon report to be screened on Thursday, a number
> ofscientists argue 
> >that 20 years after the accident there is no
> crediblescientific evidence 
> >that any of these predications are coming true
> >According to figures from the Chernobyl Forum, an
> international
> >organisation of scientific bodies including a
> number of UN agencies,
> >deaths directly attributable to radiation from
> Chernobyl currently stand
> >at 56 - less than the weekly death toll on
> Britain's roads.
> ************************************
> July 13 , 2006
> Although there were thyroid cancers cause by high
> doses from I-131, the LNT 
> and other RERF-based predictions concerning cancer
> deaths associated with 
> exposures of large populations to ionizing radiation
> after the Chernobyl 
> accident have proved to be totally wrong. It should
> be clear that the LNT 
> and other estimates based on high dose-rate acute
> radiation exposures of 
> atomic bomb survivors do not apply to lower
> dose-rate protracted exposures 
> nor to lower doses. We need to relax our current
> ridiculously restrictive 
> clean-up standards that will cost the U.S. billions
> of dollars 
> unnecessarily. That money would be better spent on
> cancer or stem-cell 
> research.
> Otto
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