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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
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Thanks for the reply.  

Nevertheless, those who have a political agenda will
always claim that conspirators are out to foil their
programs.  I am sure that the "truths" found in this
report are being suppressed will continue. 

I hope that people will recognize this for what it is,
cherry-picking of data.

--- "Minnema, Douglas" <Douglas.Minnema at nnsa.doe.gov>

> All,
> Having worked for one of the men who chartered this
> study, I can confirm
> what John is saying, but add one last minor point. 
> Yes, the study answered
> the question that had been asked, and it used the
> money alloted for it.  The
> addition is that publication was not part of the
> original task - when it was
> later recognized that the report should be published
> and money was found for
> that, the researcher had moved on to other things
> and was not interested in
> supplying the time or effort necessary to publish. 
> The report sat on a
> shelf and was available to those who asked for it.
> It was that simple - no
> suppression of information, no tricks to hide the
> conclusions, no
> conspiracy. 
> If somebody thinks we are capable of such masterful
> conspiracies lasting
> over many years, they haven't seen DOE from the
> inside.  As with most
> government agencies, we struggle to do the best we
> can matching the money
> given us with the expectations placed upon us, and
> then we move on to the
> next underfunded task.  That is not intended as
> criticism, just stating the
> facts.
> Doug Minnema, PhD, CHP
> National Nuclear Security Administration, US DOE
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> Subject: [ RadSafe ] Re: Cameron's refutation of
> "Alara Does Work"
> -Preemployment physicals
> Dr. Long,
> This is an old arguement.  Yes, the purpose of the
> shipyard report was to refute the claims made about
> the workers at the Portsmouth Shipyard by compiling
> data from all of the Navy shipyards.  The compiled
> report did this.  There was no money to do further
> analysis.
> It is interesting the Dr. Cameron found this
> benefit,
> even though he did not have access to the original
> data and was not an epidemiologist.  Of course, when
> you look for data that supports a personal position,
> I
> am sure if you hunt long enough you will find it. 
> Dr.
> Cameron found this and a few others.  
> Of course, scientific studies are not based on one
> study, or even a few.  The theory of relativity has
> been demonstated many times and many ways.  Of
> course,
> if you cherry-pick the data, you can shout about the
> results.  However, it does not pass the test of true
> science.
> No matter how long you stick to this study, it is
> still a study that is suspect and not worthy of
> further consideration.
. . .

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