[ RadSafe ] interesting contrast to SNF storage

Franta, Jaroslav frantaj at aecl.ca
Mon Jul 24 12:54:40 CDT 2006

I thought this was interesting, in today's news clips :

Alberta in great position to be green leader: expert: Framework would help
cut emissions
Calgary Herald, 22 July 2006
Shaun Polczer, Calgary Herald

There are currently 50 sites across Alberta and British Columbia that
re-inject so-called "acid gas" -- a lethal brew of toxic chemicals -- back
into the ground. 
"You treat it with respect, but I think we handle it very well," said Neil
Spence, a plant operator with Canetic Resources Inc., which owns the Acheson
That acid gas injection takes place in populated areas shows it can be done
safely, he added. Carbon dioxide is considered to be more benign because
it's non-toxic and non-flammable. 
About five megatonnes of H2S has been sequestered over the past 15 years. By
contrast, Canada must reduce CO2 emissions by 200 megatonnes a year to meet
its Kyoto commitments. 

Wonder how long five megatonnes of H2S remains poisonous -- as compared to
SNF ? ....and more importantly, can it be guaranteed that none of the *gas*
will leak 10,000 years from now ?

You may also recall the following:

Survivors tell of China's `death zone'
Bodies found lying in fields, roads; Thousands treated for gas poisoning

CHONGQING, China-Villagers were preparing for bed when the gas well burst
with a bang. Then came choking fumes. Families dashed out of their homes in
terror, struggling to breathe in the searing cloud.

Though Chinese state media continued to report 191 deaths in the tragedy, an
official at a nearby hospital said 36 more succumbed to the poisonous gases
released with the Tuesday explosion, bringing the number of dead to 227.

Emergency crews today began pouring hundreds of cubic metres of mud down the
well at the Chuandongbei gas field in the town of Gaoqiao, northeast of
Chongqing, which had been spewing gas for four days, the official Xinhua
News Agency reported.

A few minutes later, it sent a bulletin announcing: "Cap operation is
completed successfully.''

Work to seal the well was to have begun yesterday, but Xinhua said it was
postponed to today to let officials focus on getting food and water to
evacuees living in schools and government buildings.

Survivors and state media gave harrowing accounts of the disaster that also
forced 41,000 to flee and left a 25-square-kilometre "death zone" strewn
with bodies lying in fields, by the sides of roads and in homes.



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