[ RadSafe ] Re: [riskanal] Wired 14.06: Don't Try This at Home

Susan Gawarecki loc at icx.net
Mon Jun 5 11:25:02 CDT 2006

That was a "golden age" unless you were a black person, or a women with 
professional aspirations.

Susan Gawarecki

Maury&Dog wrote:

>It seems no longer possible merely to favor or just to oppose an idea or 
>person. I believe that the US experienced a sort of golden age from 
>about 1945 until about 1960. Science, education, technology, personal 
>liberty, personal responsibility, personal judgment, and yes, personal 
>and national dreams all thrived.  Many people genuinely loved, hated, 
>and respected each other even as they vigorously opposed each others' 
>viewpoints.  A few politicians actually were statesmen. In the '60s and 
>through the Viet Nam conflict, we lost our way.

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