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>From the NRC Web site:


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering
amending several regulations dealing with radiation
doses to workers at licensed facilities.
The first proposed change would relieve NRC license
holders of the requirement to automatically provide
annual dose reports to workers who received less than
100 millirem (mrem) of total dose or less than 100
mrem to any individual organ or tissue in the previous
year. Licensees would still be required to provide
dose records to those categories of workers upon
request. The 100 mrem limit was selected because it is
also the threshold dose for licensees to instruct
workers on radiation protection.

The second proposed change would revise the definition
of “total effective dose equivalent,” which is meant
to ensure both external and internal exposure to
radiation is taken into account. The proposed change
would allow licensees to improve their assessment of
the risk arising from work-related radiation

The third proposed change would revise how commercial
nuclear power plant licensees should label containers
holding radioactive materials in posted areas. The
change would allow those licensees to mark the
containers according to their radiological hazard
instead of giving more detailed information, as long
as the containers are only handled by workers trained
to minimize any radiation exposure.

The final proposed change would eliminate the
requirement for licensees to try and obtain lifetime
dose records for every worker who requires monitoring.
Licensees are no longer required to obtain lifetime
records to evaluate occupational doses in a given
monitoring year. The only occasion where lifetime dose
records would be required is when a licensee
authorizes a “planned special exposure” for an adult

Comments on the revised proposed rule will be accepted
for 75 days following publication in the Federal
Register. Comments may be mailed to the Secretary,
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D.C.
20555-0001, Attn: Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff.
Comments may also be e-mailed to SECY at nrc.gov or
online via the NRC's rulemaking Web site at http://ruleforum.llnl.gov.

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