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Fred Dawson fd003f0606 at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Jun 8 10:53:10 CDT 2006

Draft ICRP Reports - be informed, provide comments!

02/276/06 - 5 June 2006


The repoprt can be found at

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In 2004, ICRP consulted publicly for 6 months on a first version of its 
draft next Recommendations. The consultation generated overwhelmíng interest 
and more than 600 pages of constructive and helpful comments from some 200 
respondents all over the world. Now, we are consulting on an updated draft 
which was compiled taking the consultation comments on the previous version 
into account.

This updated draft is posted for consultation on our comments page. We would 
appreciate your comments no later than Friday 15 September.

Since this is the second round of consultation, and concerns an amended 
version, we are particularly keen to get comments on topics that generated 
many and diverse comments on the previous version. Some such questions from 
ICRP are highlighted in the present draft.

We have already consulted on documents on health risks and on dosimetry that 
will form Annexes to the draft Recommendations. These documents are not part 
of the present consultation, but links to them as updated after consultation 
are provided here so that you are able to refer to them for completeness. 
Similarly, you may wish to refer to our draft reports on the representative 
person and on optimisation, both of which have already been subjected to 
consultation. You may also wish to refer to our draft report on the scope of 
radiological protection for which we are accepting consultation comments 
until 19 June.

Fred Dawson
New Malden
Surrey. England

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