[ RadSafe ] Woman electrohypersensitive to bed apparatus causes court problem

Bjorn Cedervall bcradsafers at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 9 15:57:38 CDT 2006

The following is my approx. translation of a Swedish piece of news that came 
a few days ago via "TT" - one of our news agencies:

"A woman who has sued a bed producer because she claims that she has become 
electrohypersensitive to electric engines in her bed causes the court a 
problem. The woman says that she cannot be in rooms with electrical light 
tubes, tape recorders and other electrical equipment which make her sick.

No one knows what the court shall do when the case comes up in September, 
the local newspaper Jönköpingsposten writes.

The court is working with the problem. The woman could not participate in 
preliminary case preparations.

In 1999 the woman bought a bed for 66 000 SEK (about 9000 USD) from the bed 
producer and the bed was among other features equipped with a special 
electrically driven massage function. The woman quickly experienced medical 
problems and a physician came to the conclusion that she had become 
electrohypersensitive and the bed became the key suspected object. The bed 
producer sued the woman and then the woman in turn sued the bed producer and 
now it is time for the court procedures."

I expect some media will be there for a followup.

My personal initiative only,

Björn Cedervall    bcradsafers at hotrmail.com

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