[ RadSafe ] C h e m o t o x i c i t y of thorium?

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There was a Conference on the "Distribution, Retention, and Late Effects of
Thorium Dioxide" that was published in the ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF
SCIENCES, Volume 145, Art. 3 Pages 523-858, (December 1967)that address

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I stay now for a few months in Poland, working on a project on NORM in
drinking water. Because of numerous discussions inspired by the fact that
the European Union set only a radiation specific limit for radionuclides
including "uranium", though uranium is far more chemotoxic than radiotoxic I
wonder, how the situation is with thorium. I have not found anything useful
about chemotoxicity of thorium in comparison of its (high) radiotoxicity.
Any information, any links available?

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