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Where and what you purchase (wipes/swipes) depends on what surface you
normally wipe/swipe and what you use to count your wipes
(Proportional-Beta counter/gamma Counter/LSC).


Due to the nature of my work and job-site, I primarily wipe dry surfaces
(sealed sources or dry bench tops/floors/light-switches/Tissue Culture
enclosures/microfuges, etc.) and count them in a Liquid Scintillation
Counter (LSC).  In my case, and for my application(s) I purchase Whatman
#1 filter papers (available in many lab-supply catalogs).  I cut the
4.25cm circles into quarters and use those for my swipes.  Long, long
ago (while working at a University) we did a series of experiments to
determine self-absorption characteristics of different types of
wipes/swipes in H-3 spiked LSC counting media, and the quarter-circle
Whatman filters were "almost" ideal as they turn opaque in the fluid.
Of course q-tips work well in certain situations, and for "wet"
wipes/swipes you need something "sturdier" than the Whatman's as they'll


Hope this helps,


Joel Baumbaugh joel.baumbaugh at navy.mil



Std. Disclaimer... Above is my opinion and my opinion only, not
necessarily that of my employer, the U.S. Navy...



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Where do you typically purchase contamination swipes from?







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