[ RadSafe ] FREE (9 Curie) Cobalt-60 Source Available if Used Under DOE Grant

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Fri Jun 16 12:44:29 CDT 2006

The radioactive cobalt-60 material sits in a double encapsulated 304 or
304L stainless steel capsule which is 0.375 inches wide by 0.938 inches
long. This small capsule is stored in a depleted uranium shield which is
made in two pieces. These pieces are secured within the outer shell with a
bolt flange and carbon steel positioning angle supports and circumference
rings. The depleted uranium shielding is housed in a 300 series stainless
steel welded outer shell. The stainless steel outer shell is comprised of
a 12 3/4 inch diameter by 16 inch tall right circular cylinder. This
device is equipped with a lock-knob, designed to lock the source in its
normally stored position, for safe transportation.

Cobalt-60 Source:

Manufactured by: Sentinel/Amersham Corporation
Model: 92802
S/N: 2575
Manufactured date: July 11, 1995
Original Activity: 34.8 Curies
Current Activity: 9.3 Curies
IAEA Special Form Certification: USA/0413/S

Source Storage Device: (Depleted Uranium [DU])

Manufactured by: Gamma Industries, Inc.
Model: 1006A
Number: LA-300-D-150-S
Type: Gamma-Ray Tomography Source Holder
Amount: 600 lbs (270 kg) of DU
Activity: 108 millicuries
Total Gross weight: (SS housing and DU shield = 750 lbs)

Radiation Levels: (source stored in shielded position)
                               @ *30 Ci   Current (9 Ci)
 Contact--------- 12 mr/hr     (2 mr/hr)
 1 foot from surface:   2 mr/hr           (0.4 mr/hr)
 3 feet from surface:   0.4 mr/hr   (0.005 mr/hr)

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